About Us

Welcome to Chooks world!

The humble t-shirt democratises the world of fashion. It allows the wearer to transcend economic
status, gender and age. It can be worn by rich and poor, male or female, young and old. And Chooks
embodies this idea and more.

Chooks design is an epitome of simplicity, individualism and freedom.

Chooks t-shirt frees you from fads and trends. As its wearer, you are telling the world that you are
cool, confident, bold, and has an attitude. You don’t need garments to catch and hold people’s
attention, because you inherently have the charm and personality to hold your own place in the

You don’t need to follow popular culture because you create your own.

Beware! Chooks is only for those who are confident in their personal style. It is for trend sitters, not

With its simplicity and quality, Chooks is redefining the faddy fashion one t-shirt at a time.

We uphold social responsibility.

We believe that offering you value for money products should not compromise the people who
make them. As a company, we can assure you that we did not make Chooks t-shirts in sweatshops.
We don’t force people to work with us, and they are definitely allowed to have coffee and loo